Findings of SpaceX’s Demo-1 Mission

The delays in the launch of Demo-2 come after strange observations from Demo-1. SpaceX’s conference outlines the uncertainty of what the astronauts will eat before take off. In previous years, breakfast has been a meal rich in proteins. The netizens of America speculate that steak and eggs are the possible solutions for Bob and Doug unless there are changes.

Pop star Kelly Clarkson’s virtual performance of the anthem came in handy during this recent spaceflight. After that, the astronauts took off in the modified NASA craft. The craft’s logos indicate that the whole piece is a product of combined efforts from various firms. The number plate to this ship is ISSBND indicative of the destination, and the word ‘bound’ follows in the acronym.

The craft, Crew Dragon, is equipped with a music device to cheer up the passengers. Reports show that Demo-1 took off on Falcon 9 rocket. Lauren Lyons, the SpaceX commentator, says that the two astronauts launched the ship with a famous track marking their return. The astronauts are happy to be the first to relaunch on pad 39A. They hope for more excitement on this launchpad.

Lyons states the playlist of the crew as they venture up space the capsule. She explains the choice of the astronauts’ playlist, which they sum up with an army song. This song is their way of commemorating their years of service in the US military. The astronauts have their signature on the walls of Crew Dragon. This conduct is a famous norm to mark their appearance on the ship.

The white room, which was painted white and nicknamed as such during the time of NASA’s Gemini program, is the last place the astronauts visit before entering the spacecraft for launch.

The white room is a place designated for the crew before departure. However, the team is yet to use it. The flight is spectacular because the capsule can carry four passengers. Therefore, the crew has to take an object with them. This object acts as a practical test for measuring zero gravity, thereby mark that they are in space.

Finally, the triumphant return of Demo-1 proves that the SpaceX is ready for space exploration. The events surrounding the test flight are memorable. It is the best way to initiate action on launchpad 39A. SpaceX has to now plan for more test flights and adjustment of the rockets. It is exciting to see that NASA and SpaceX are considering the safety and health concerns of the crew.