NASA’s Northrop Grumman contractor

Northrop Grumman Space Systems is a space firm that rents its space activities to their various clients. Currently, the firm is in contract with NASA to launch cargo ships to the International Space Station. The company has extensive knowledge of space technology. 

Northrop Grumman is widely known for its fighters and bombers in the Second World War. These crafts were crucial in winning the war. The firm’s other works include jets and military aircraft. These productions are pillars for the expansion of the firm. 

Northrop Grumman is recruiting the best space companies that are renowned for their contribution to space exploration. The firm also has a contract with telescope firms so that they can study the optics of space. 

Additionally, Northrop Grumman is acquiring NASA’s contractor Orbital ATK. This move is to secure apportionment in the NASA funds and supply cargo to the ISS. The renaming of the firm to Northrop Grumman Space Systems is to attract investors in the space industry. Aside from this, Northrop also has other systems for Mission, Defence, and Aeronautics. 

Orbital ATK’s merger with two other tech firms is to develop rocket motors and space shuttles. The remake of these motors and shuttles and their modification is to ensure they fit the test flight. They hope to derail from the catastrophic event of 1986. The firm wants assurance that their next crew will not fall victim to a system breakdown. 

The previous efforts of ATK to contribute to the constellation program of NASA is still commendable. The firm hopes they can implement their ideas in the new merger with Northrop Grumman. The firm plans to develop a craft that can carry astronauts beyond the moon. The achievement of this plan is dependent on the Space Launch System. The System must agree to send the rocket to space for this mission. 

The contract between NASA and Orbital Science allows them to fly cargo missions to ISS. To achieve these missions, Orbital Science has come up with Antares rocket and Cygnus spaceship. These two ensure the delivery of supplies to the astronauts and scientific equipment for research at the ISS. Furthermore, the firm launches other satellites for its research activities. 

Cygnus has high-tech controls and communication devices. The reason is to ensure fast deployment to space and evasion of space debris. The Antares, on the other hand, delivers supplies to near-space stations. This rocket’s engines are powerful enough to produce motion of the journey. 

The previous halt of the Cygnus is a result of the catastrophic accident. The engineers attribute this accident to engine failure. However, resumption of flights as of December 2015 is paving the way for new technicians with elite skills in space technology. 

The award of the lunar Gateway module contract by NASA to Northrop Grumman is to ensure quick completion. Also, the firm delivers cargo for NASA to its space stations. 

To conclude, Northrop Grumman is developing the OmegA rocket for delivering payloads to space. The success of this program is a guarantee that America is retrieving its space prowess.