Cygnus cargo ship is on its way to the earth for a free-flying mission

Cygnus cargo ship, which is robotic, delivered tons of supplies to the International Space station on 11th May 2015 that will function as a new live-fire lab in orbit. The Cygnus spacecraft supplied the lab fire in February and released at 12;09 pm EDT from the space station arm. The spacecraft moved 260 miles, which is equivalent to 418 kilometers above the Pacific Ocean level. The cargo will stay at the station for 83 days and late. It will remain on its tiny developing satellite and later conduct the fire experiment with the hope of leading to safer spacecraft by the scientist for astronauts.

Cygnus NG-13 is a product of Northrop Grumman. The launching to the space station occurred on 15th February using an Antares rocket, which arrived three days later carrying 3,400 kilograms of gears of science spacewalk tools, and crew supplies during that process. Currently, the rocket contains 2,041 kilograms of trash and some documents not used in the space station. 

Some of the remain for NG-13 is the trash haul for NASA’s High-definition experiments for viewing the earth. Some of the experimental cameras launched in the year 2014 had stunning HD views of the planet and the station until mid-2019 when it permanently stopped functioning.

According to NASA, the Cygnus NG-13 spaceflight will return to the earth on 29th May 2020, and it will destroy itself as a fiery plunge on the earth’s atmosphere on top of the Pacific Ocean. The name of the Northrop Grumman ship is S.S Robert H. Lawrence, and the name was after Major Robert H. Lawrence jr, who was the first African-American to be an astronaut. The selection occurred in 1967 by the Air force as astronauts to man an orbiting laboratory, a military space station. The wrong side is that Lawrence passed away during the training after the se3lection.

The function of Cygnus vehicle are crafts that bring back the disposable from the station and has a multi-billion dollars contract between NASA and Northrop Grumman. The other two companies that have a different resupply contract include the Sierra Nevada Corp and SpaceX. The mane of the spacecraft is NG-13, which means it is the 13th spacecraft for Cygnus cargo ship; now it reached the NASA space station. In 2014 one of the Cygnus lost its vehicle during the launch accident.