Space Force to Continue Despite Coronavirus Outbreak

The Coronavirus epidemic, now declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization, comes with an unprecedented number of effects. These effects occur to affect several sectors, including the space exploration industry. However, despite the adverse outcomes that influence the space exploration industry, there are a certain number of players that will not be touched. 

Among the bodies set to continue functioning is the United States Space Force. In its mandate, the space force was commissioned to monitor possible opposition from space that would pose as a threat in the United States and the world as a whole. In a statement, the Space Forces spokesman, Will Russel confirmed to reporters that the space protection agency would continue operations despite the coronavirus outbreakĀ 

Another comment by the spokesman revealed that the task force has a priority to protect the members of the public against any danger that might occur from space. His statement further outlines how the agency will stay operational even through the perilous times. Besides, the agency is set to launch a communications satellite in space on the 26th of March at the Cape Canaveral Launch Site loaded on the United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket. 

When a concerned Twitter user queried about the United Launch Alliance, its CEO, Tory Bruno, he stated that the agency’s main task prohibits its foreclosure. According to its appointment, the agency is tasked with being a supportive branch of National Security. In an additional statement, it was revealed that the agency would work for hand in hand with the other agencies to bring a solution to the COVID-19 scare 

The service is still expected to take trips around the planet on the move to maintain security. The Department of Defense is set to supply the Ministry of Health and Human Services with up to 5 million N-95 breathing masks and other personal security devices from its strategic assets. Esper stated that the first 1 million masks would be expected to be instantly available.

Esper also said that the Department of Defense recently equipped the United States, Space Force, with up to 2,000 face masks to fight against coronavirus. President Trump declared that he would push for the Defense Procurement Act on Wednesday to revitalize local producing capability of epidemics protection tools, including fans, breathers, and setup.

Since 1950, the DPA was introduced, which enable the President to implement steps in exceptional situations to improve local industrial production. In 2009, congress expanded the mandate to cover in-service planning and regional disaster management activities to organizations to allocate contracts required for National Defense.