Rajasthan Police Is Using Thugs Of Hindostan Dialogue For Spreading Cyber Safety Awarness

The message on cyber-crimes by Rajasthan Police has been widely appreciated.

If you thought only Amitabh Bachchan could counter Aamir Khan’s cheeky ‘Dhokha swabhav hai mera’ dialogue from Thugs Of Hindostan, think again Rajasthan Police is not far away. In a brilliant tweet posted just about a few hours ago, Rajasthan Police has come up with an awesome reply to the thugs who would like to use the dialogue.

“Dhokha swabhav hai hamara,” which literally translates to “Deceit is in my nature,” has been countered with “Aur dhokhe se logon ko saavdhan karna aur unki madad karna hamara,” thanks to Rajasthan Police.

Rajasthan Police

“Beware of #OnlineThugs as they can decieve you,” they write in their tweet, assuring citizens that it is their duty and their nature to raise awareness about online thugs and help those affected by their crimes.

“In case of #OnlineFrauds, visit your nearest PS or #Call100,” they add, sharing a picture of the Thugs Of Hindostan poster which has been modified to add the words “Beware of online thugs.”

Their message on cyber-crimes has been widely appreciated, collecting a ton of reactions since it was shared.

Rajasthan Police is not the only one using Thugs Of Hindostan to spread a message. Recently, Mumbai Police too used the same dialogue from the movie to create a meme that had citizens applauding their creativity.

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By - Melwyn Fernandes

Author: By – Melwyn Fernandes

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