How To Get People To Like You According To Science

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It is hard to get people to like you. You have to keep working hard at it again and again, and sometimes no matter what you do nothing works. Well not anymore, if you follow these six tips you will be golden!

Check them out below!

Listen to their opinions without judging them!

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You’re not judging, you’re showing interest. And that lets people calmly continue talking about their favorite subject: themselves.

So you’ve stopped being Judgy Judgerson and you’re happily validating. Oh, if it were only that easy… What’s the problem here? Your ego.

Leave your ego at the door!

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Most of us are just dying to point out how other people are wrong. When people hear things that contradict their beliefs, the logical part of their mind shuts down and their brain prepares to fight.

Be a good listener!

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We’ve all heard that listening skills are vital but nobody explains the right way to do it. What’s the secret?

Research shows just asking people to tell you more makes you more likable and gets them to want to help you.

Active listening is quite easy. Just pay attention nod, and occasionally drop a question in there.

Ask the right questions!

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But what question to ask? How do you know that the question you ask will be the right one? It’s simple!

Life can be tough for everyone: rich or poor, old or young. Everyone. We all face challenges and we like to talk about them. So that’s what to ask about.

Example: What is the most challenging part of living in Mumbai?

A question like immediately will open up the other person because if they do live in Mumbai they will have thought about the question, thoughts they are willing to share with you (or anyone really).

Make them feel at ease!

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First thing: tell them you only have a minute because you’re headed out the door.

Nobody wants to feel trapped talking to some weirdo. People are more likely to help you than you think, but they need to feel safe and in control.

Have the best possible body language!

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Your words need to be free and non-judgy and your body language needs to match those words.

The biggest thing here is to smile. Do it a lot. Nothing puts people at ease like a well-placed smile. Flash those pearly whites so often that the person listening will start to think that they are in heaven!

There you have it! Follow these tips and you will make friends in no time!


By - Aditya Joglekar

Author: By – Aditya Joglekar

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