Fergie’s NBA All-Star anthem performance a bizarre train wreck


A low chuckle rumbled through the sold-out arena after Fergie finished the first line of the song with a throaty growl on “the dawn’s early light.”

Fans throughout the star-studded crowd reacted with varying levels of bemusement and enthusiasm while her languid, 2½-minute version of the song continued. Although Fergie was on pitch, her tempo, musical accompaniment and sexy delivery were not exactly typical for a sporting event or a patriotic song.

After a forceful finish, Fergie finally got big cheers when she shouted, “Let’s play some basketball!”

The Grammy Award-winning singer, born Stacy Ann Ferguson, is from nearby Hacienda Heights, California.

Famed basketball commentator Charles Barkley joked that he “needed a cigarette” after Fergie’s performance during the TNT halftime show.

Former Lakers star Shaquille O’Neal leaped to Fergie’s defense, saying: “Fergie, I love you. It was different. It was sexy. I liked it. Leave her alone.”

Fergie’s performance, which was watched by Beyonce and her daughter Blue Ivy in the crowd, was quickly labeled ‘the worst rendition ever’ by those who could not believe she chose to sing the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ in such a way.

Others on social media weren’t as kind, with criticism of the performance outpacing the positive reviews.

Other notably scrutinized performances of the “Star Spangled Banner” include versions by Roseanne Barr — albeit intentionally bad for comedy — and Marvin Gaye’s 1983 performance at the 1983 NBA All-Star Game.

It was an eventful NBA All-Star Game that saw many not too thrilled with comedian Kevin Hart’s strange opener that ran longer than 15 minutes. He cracked awkward one-liners after almost every player’s introductions.

The ‘Team Lebron’ versus ‘Team Curry’ spectacle seemed to be a hit for a game as it was the first time captains could pick their teams.

Lebron James managed to pull out ahead as the better for this particular squabble, claiming victory with a score of 148-145.

By - Elka Pereira

Author: By – Elka Pereira

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