F.R.I.E.N.D.S Characters in Every Friend Group!!! Including Yours!

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F.R.I.E.N.D.S is such an iconic show. It is loved by people all over the world. It has been watched hundreds of millions of times even after it was done airing in 2006.

People just seem to identify with each of the six main characters and tend to like and dislike them for their own reasons. I have seen people who absolutely love Chandler and just cannot stand Ross and vice-versa!

Every group of friends has their own versions of the main six characters!

So here we go!

  • Ross
The Ross of the group is very bossy and sometimes can even be a dick! Source: Giphy

This is the friend that gets into very serious relationships all the time. But he can never seem to seal the deal and always ends up single and lonely. He is probably the smartest among your friends and always tries to show that off. He is also known to sometimes think of himself as better than his other friends.

  • Chandler
This guy is the funniest one of the group! Source: Giphy

This is the forever single friend who has the hardest job. He works long hours and is always complaining about his job. He is also the only one of your friends who hates their jobs. He is also the first one to come up with the wittiest lines when everyone is hanging out. He has the best comebacks too.

  • Joey
The pretty guy of the group. Source: Digital Spy

He is clearly the dumb pretty one. This friend is always asking you for money because he is always broke. He is a struggling actor. Sometimes he gets decent roles but never for too long. But somehow even with no money, he manages to pull ladies all the time. Like I am talking all the time.

  • Monica
This person is the neat freak of the group! Source: Comedy Central UK

She is the neat freak of the group. With her, everything has to be perfectly placed. You hate going to her house because she makes you use coasters for every damn thing. But you also love going to her house because she makes the best food.

  • Rachel
This friend is always hung up on some guy! Source: BuzzFeed

She is the pretty one of the group. She is also the one with the richest parents. She does not know how the world works because she has never had a real job in her life. She wanders into your friend circle after a few years of being away with her rich friends.

  • Phoebe
This is the kindest and weirdest person in your friend group! Source: Giphy

She is the quirkiest one of the group. No one knows what her past is like. She may have been homeless and an orphan or she may have had some kind of family. She is also the kindest of your entire group.

Every group of friends has these characters in them. Which of these do you think you are? And which one do your friends think you are?

By - Aditya Joglekar

Author: By – Aditya Joglekar

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