Ideanomics’ division in charge of the electric cars focuses on the initiative of the Chinese government to spur growth of the Electric cars adoption

The state of china issued a three-year Action plan on how to achieve Blue sky. Indeanomics Inc told the media on Tuesday about the information in the action plan that came from the Chinese State Council, which will help to increase the use of electric vehicles. Ideanomics is a New York company with offices in Beijing that consist of its electrical vehicle division and the mobile energy division global.  

The state council is the primary administrative authority that came with an Action plan for three years to counter-attack the blue sky, which is a branch of its Big initial air formed in the year 2018.

The Plan for the year 2018 had a vision for developing an eco-friendly transport system which has limited fuel consumption with efficiency and limited emission. The plans also had measures to put fines on the pollution carbon emission and the contamination of water. The new Action plans have an agreement for the 24 provinces and more cities to improve the adoption of the energy regulations in the use of vehicles. The regulation is also working with the seven regions, which have the highest priority in the reduction in emission. 

Here are some of the agreements that different companies have engaged with the regions in the new Action plan. Inner Mongolia has plans to improve the use of new energy vehicles in the whole area by 100,000 cars. Shandong Province has plans to have all the buses being replaced by the energy vehicles by the end of this year. The province targets 500,00 energy vehicles in two years.  

Jiangsu province has plans to increase the adoption if 25,000 energy vehicles before the end of 2020. The province has also planned to change the infrastructure by modifying it to support 200,000 electric vehicles, which the residence will acquire soon.  The ideanomics MEG is dealing with the efforts by which charging station in combination with the Petro-China in Nanjing, which is the city in Jiangsu province.

Guangdong province has planned by the end of this year the new buses will be the majority in all the buses by more than 75 percent.  The other target is to commence the electrification process in all pearl river Delta cities. Another plan is to have all taxis in the cities be of new energy vehicles and pure electrical. The taxis cover more than 80 percent of the total vehicles, and the increase will be yearly by 5 percent.