Eight Mumbai Bars to go to if you are Young and Broke as FUCKKKK!

Drinking with friends is a shit ton of fun!! Source: Medical Xpress

Lets face it, booze is expensive as fuck. And, we as college students often do not have enough money to drink our heart’s content. Often times we have to stop drinking just because we run out of the moolah!!

Be like Ron Swanson, drink one shelf a week! Source: Giphy

But fear not, I have come to your aid!

Well at least if you live in Mumbai.

Keep in mind, I am only looking at alcohol prices at different bars. I am not including food costs, because it is way to expensive to eat and drink out at the same time nowadays.

Most times when I go out I will just eat Maggi and two hard boiled eggs before. That gets me right for the rest of the night and I can then focus on getting absolutely hammered!

  • Bottles
A look at the interior of Bottles! Source: Homegrown

This Versova bar is a great spot for cheap shots and draught beer. A pitcher will set you back 460 Rupees and 180 ML of Old Monk will hit the wallet with 320 Rupees.

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So if you eat some Maggi before going out you can get black out drunk for 900 rupees. Helps if you live nearby though!!

  • Gokul
Inside Gokul!! Source: Finely Chopped

This old school hotspot is in the heart of Mumbai. It is far from the nearest station so you either have to take the bus from Churchgate or take a taxi from the same place. It is worth it though, the prices for beer and whiskey here make up for the travel time.

Listen to Cersei, ladies and gentleman, she definitely knows what she is doing!! Source: Drink When

A pitcher will set you back 380 rupees and 180 ML of Old Monk costs 160 rupees.

Even after transportation costs you will end up spending about 800 rupees to get black out drunk!

  • Cafe Oval
Cafe Oval from the outside. Source: Travenix

Cafe Oval has a very limited menu. Just beer and snacks. This is where I make an exception. The food options here are so cheap that it makes sense to just eat and drink here.

Be careful, drinking too much beer can really pile up the calories. A pitcher will cost you 380 rupees, but they do not have many options for that only Kingfisher Draught!

Beer mustache is the best!!
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However they have pints starting from 140 rupees and going all the way to 240 rupees.

This bar is located in Churchgate, and its located right next to the train station. So very cheap to get there and a safe way to get home after getting wasted!

  • PJ’s
Look inside PJ’s. Source: Burrp

This establishment is located in Bandra west. It is a short rickshaw ride from Khar Road train station. So train ticket plus rickshaw fare to and from the station will be about 150 rupees max.

The drinks here are extremely cheap. If its for a girls night out and you want some cocktails, they will cost you 105 per cocktail. That is cheaper than anywhere I have seen.

And so could you! Source: First We Feast

They do not have any options for pitchers of beer, but 650 ML of beer costs anywhere from 149 to 182 rupees.

  • Alps Restaurant

This bar is located in the Colaba. This again means that transportation is an issue again. The local train ends at Churchgate, which means that you will have to find other ways to get there after Churchgate. Best option is taxi or bus.

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The prices you will see make up for it though. There is only wine and beer though. A 650 ML bottle of beer will set you back anywhere from 270 to 340 rupees. The food is also somewhat cheap.

  • S Square Restobar

This restaurant/bar is located in Fort right next to CST. That is the end of Central Line for local trains.

Drink all night at these cheap bars!! Source: Giphy

The beer is very cheap. The hard liquor is a bit expensive but not overboard. Old Monk wills set you back 110 rupees. A pitcher of Fosters costs 400. So it is middle of the of the spectrum here. Not to expensive but not really cheap either.

  • Bar Stock Exchange
Bar Stock Exchange from the inside! Source: Franchise India

There are many locations of this bar in the city of Mumbai. They are a bit different with their prices. How they work is that the price of any drink you order goes up back on the popularity of said drink. So if you can game the system, you can end up getting booze for cheaper than most other bars.

  • Janata Lunch Home

This a Bandra bar. It is probably the cheapest bar in this whole list. 180 ML of a hard liquor will cost you around 200 rupees. 650 ML of beer starts at around 250. The interesting thing about this bar is that they also have cans of beer. That option is not available in any of the order bars in this list.

Drink up, Buttercup!! Source: Barstool Sports

Drinking here will set you back about 750 rupees. That will be enough to get absolutely hammered.

It is the same distance roughly from either the Khar Road and Bandra stations.

Keep in mind that these prices will change over time and may no longer be up to date.

By - Aditya Joglekar

Author: By – Aditya Joglekar

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