Covid analytics sheds more light on the geospatial industry

Satellite images and data can easily be analyzed to forecast the potential spread of disease as well as move the resources to help in combating it.

Geospatial data companies can track the global impact caused by the coronavirus pandemic using satellite imagery and analytics software. The satellites can forecast places where they could be new outbreaks and also those places that have a shortage of supply. By being able to predict this crisis, Carissa Christensen, the CEO of Bryce Space and technology, said that satellites have become very important in gathering critical data that shall guide the policy decisions for many years to come. This has been shown by some geospatial analytics companies who have released recent marketing pitches that show how the data collected can be turned into intelligence during this pandemic. 

Bryce Space and Technology Company gave an orbital insight in the presentation slide that was titled “China’s Elite are golfing again,” which showed images of Chinese businessmen and politicians at a resort and also the traffic of the people at the resort as the world questioned China’s recovery. This insight also offered a glimpse into the mindset of China’s elite.

During one of its briefings, Blacksky showed results of an analysis done on whether the population was complying with the social distancing and on how the pandemic was inflicting the economic pain on different U.S cities using satellite images. This showed that many manufacturing businesses began closing in late March despite initial claims of minimal impact from the pandemic in cities like Mason City in Ohio.

The senior director of the government affairs at Planet, Mark Mozena, said that this data awareness would not only help the government respond to events and also be prepared for the future emergencies. On a webinar hosted by CompTIA, Mozena stated that geospatial data provided by the satellite could help in decision making and planning for future events. This is because it sees problems even before they occur. He also added that the government could also forecast the potential spread of the disease by monitoring the human behavior such as crowds size in Florida beaches, and this will help to move resources that will be used to combat the disease.

Mozena believes the impacts of this pandemic such as COVID with its repercussions in the next few years will be known, and this will help in better preparation on how to address these problems.

Geospatial business weathering storm 

The space sector that provides the Earth observation satellite data as well as analytics was recently reported to be a silver lining in the middle of the economic doom that has been caused by COVID-19 pandemic. A report by Quality analytics about the providers of the satellite data as well as analytics services stated that they have a high ability to “weather the storm.” This is because of the high demand for their products as well as the resilience to disruptions from the closures. Another advantage of this sector is the growing interest from U.S government not only for the pandemic related work but also more broadly on National security activities.