NASA satellite displays a drastic drop in air pollution in China since the onset of COVID-19

NASA is a state-based organization mandated with space exploration and monitoring of alien objects that appear in the space or projecting the Earth’s atmosphere. The responsibility necessitated the organization to innovate powerful satellite objects that can transmit detailed images from space to Earth. Additionally, the satellite ships can display pictures of the universe and give relevant knowledge to archaeologists and scientists concerning the Earth’s composition, shape, and mineral content. The satellite display different information to the International Space Station. The satellites may be built for communication purposes, weather updates, or in-depth space explorations. 

The recent pandemic has crippled the economy of several countries and lead to the shutdown of several organizations and industries. The space industry is also affected since some of their workers had to work from home to minimize contamination. Furthermore, the state has issued out a directive that most of the activities in the space stations should be mission-based, and the rest of space operators can work from home. The lockdown has led to the stagnation of the company’s plans to launch into space. Nevertheless, a drastic drop in air pollution is observed throughout the world. The carbon, nitrogen, and toxic gas emission has drastically reduced since the onset of COVID-19.

Additionally, the satellite feeds in China have displayed a significant drop in nitrogen dioxide from January 2020. NO2 is a gas produced by the combustion of fossil fuel emitted by cars, power firms, and other automotive. The significant reduction of NO2 is attributed to the restricted movement due to lockdown regulations. NASA noted that the nitrogen dioxide decline in China is due to slow economic growth and lockdown procedures minimizing vehicle movement and operation of industries which form major air pollutants in the country.   

According to Fei Liu, a researcher in air quality assessment, stated that the decline in NO2 has never been recorded over a short duration of time. Liu further notes that the NO2 had encountered a decline in 2008 due to the economic recession. However, the 2020 fall has set a new record since it happened rapidly over a short duration and managed to stay constant at the same level for long. The Chinese state has issued regulations that have resulted in the closure of several businesses and the lockdown of significant cities. The pandemic has led to the death of many citizens in the country, closure of several industries, and ultimately presided global economic recession.