Watch This Dude’s Amazing Excuse When Caught Cheating


A man supposedly caught cheating on his girlfriend tried to get away with it by insisting his secret lover was a sex doll.

The unnamed man, from the US, was filmed by a woman cavorting with another woman. Wearing very little, she seductively dances with the man as the pair are watched through a window.

Moments later, the girlfriend storms in to confront her boyfriend. As she does, the other woman freezes.

The man repeatedly tells her other half that the woman is a sex doll. He even brandishes a receipt as proof.

As the stricken girlfriend demands: “What the fuck is going on here? Who the fuck is this?”

The man replies: “It’s a fucking sex doll! I got the fucking receipt right here!”

The woman remains unconvinced and repeatedly pushes the woman on the stairs. “Please don’t hurt me” comes the reply – in an odd robotic voice.

The boyfriend even insists that “it comes with reflexes” when the other woman moves.

Of course, the sex doll was a lame excuse by the man in the footage. Soon, the woman he was partying with breaks character, gathers her belongings and flees.

“It’s dysfunctional,” the man ridiculously claims.

“There’s something wrong with it. I’ve got the receipt, I don’t know why the fuck she’s walking by herself.”

A lot of people seem to think the video is a hoax. Which is probably true.

But it’s entertaining nonetheless.

By - Avinash Gavai

Author: By – Avinash Gavai

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