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NASA agency set to recruit new astronauts

In preparations for its lunar mission, NASA is seeking to increase its astronaut roster. It might seem that the space agency requires additional staff for its human-crewed missions to space, targeting moon LS ding missions and maybe a mission to Mars later on. This announcement came on Tuesday 11th February when NASA made a call […]

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The Actual Potential in the Transition of Electric Cars

Unless you believe in marketing the major automotive companies, the electric vehicles are a wave of the future. This year there are new electric models on the market from Kia, Nissan, Hyundai, Volkswagen and Chevrolet as well as the Audi, Porsche, and BMW luxury brands. It would seem that gas and diesel-powered automobiles would be obsolete over […]

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Space and in-orbit travel: Can the two come together?

Speed is the rate of change in distance from one point to another. While we achieve movement at different rates, there is also an annotation of speed in space. Orbital momentum is the relative rate in speed a body needs to maintain its position in orbit. Mostly known as orbital velocity. To get a full […]

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Satellite crew aims at the bushfire calamity as well as freshwater

Bushfire calamities and satellite water supervision are essential targets in new projects declared by the biggest ever space research program in Australia. The South Australian based Smart Sat Cooperative Research Center today declared some of the initial programs for the crew that brings together not less than 100 national and international associates in a $245 […]

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Trump Administration’s plan to privatize International Space Station (ISS) by 2025 might not work

Trump Administration’s suggestion of delegating control of International Space Station (ISS) to private sector organizations by the year 2025 will probably not work, according to a government auditor. It is not possible for commercial companies to bear the enormous costs operating costs ISS by the coming six years.