9 Best Khau Galli’s Or Food Streets In Mumbai You Should Not Miss

Khau Galli’s are popular not just for their wide variety of dishes, but also because most of these snacks can be consumed on the go and are quite cheap.

Bubbling Khau Galli culture of Mumbai ensures that you get your vada pavs, bhelpuri, shawarmas, dosas, ice-creams and lots more all at one stop. A delight for those who love junk food, these food streets are the building bites of the city’s diverse food culture.

Khau Galli literally means Food Street. Khau Galli’s are popular not just for their wide variety of dishes, but also because most of these snacks can be consumed on the go and are quite cheap.

Below is the list of some of the best street food of Mumbai that you cannot afford to miss.

Mahim Khau Galli

For hardcore non-vegetarians, Mahim’s Khau Galli is truly a blessing. Mumbai’s very own vada pav gets a makeover here; it gets the added touch of chicken cutlets, while the flavored sooji halwa takes the form of paranthas here!

It’s all a mix and match; the best of unique street food dishes you’ll find around. You must try out the shawarmas, khichdas and faloodas of Mahim Khau Galli, it’s delicious.

Mohammed Ali Road Khau Galli

Mohammed Ali Road’s Khau Galli has something for everyone. Their hot malpuas have been delighting those who have a sweet tooth; while their succulent kebabs and tikkas are the favorites of non-vegetarians.

Suleiman’s Bakery has been stealing the show with its amazing phirnis while Nalli Nihari and Haleem during Ramzan add a festive fervor to the street food here.

Ghatkopar Khau Galli

Right next to the Ghatkopar Station is the Ghatkopar Khau Galli, which is extremely famous for its variety of dosas. The street food’s vendors take innovation and fusion a notch higher; the Ice-cream Dosa and the Thousand Island Dosa are truly creative and fancy. But you must try JiniDosa and Sai SwadDosa, or go for the evergreen favorite, pav bhaji.

Zaveri Bazaar Khau Galli

Must go area for Vegetarians, Zaveri Bazaar cater to a lot of businessmen and customers in the area, a lot of who are Gujaratis. So it isn’t really a surprise that you some great vegetarian dishes here. From Masala Khichiyas and bhajiyas to badam shakes and kachoris, this khau galli has some great quick snacking options.

Carter Road Khau Galli

Carter Road’s Khau Galli’s shawarmas, falafels, momos and other desi Chinese treats are the highlight; but this food street also gains an edge over the others in the list due to its scenic location.

The area is famous for the upscale restaurants and the Bandra Promenade, but look a little closer and you’ll find a host of street food carts and vendors lining up opposite the Arabian Sea. With a great view and lip-smacking food, it is one of the best places to try out street food in Bandra and around.

Tardeo Khau Galli

Tardeo’s Khau Galli’s is always overshadowed by the popularity of the iconic Sardar restaurant’s butter-smeared Pav Bhaji, there is a lot more to discover for the ultimate foodie. For a cheesy and quick, spicy snack, check out Mamaji’s Grilled Sandwiches, while non-vegetarians check out the shawarmas and mutton biryanis at the local joints.

Princess Street Khau Galli

If you are headed for a shopping day at the bustling Mangaldas Market, you cannot miss out on Princess Street’s amazing street food. Their badam barfis, samosas and dal pakwans are highly recommended for a quick bite, while for a summer cooler; do give their ice halwa a try. For those who like chaat should head toward Princess Street as there are numerous stalls serving bhelpuri, sevpuri, dahi papdi and panipuri.

SNDT- Cross Maidan Khau Galli

This Khau Galli is thronged by college students every day after classes primarily because it is located in the vicinity of some of the city’s premier institutions. But its food is famous all over the city.

Try their aloo baby corn chaat for something light, or the popular Bombay sandwich for something more filling. Their cheese paneer frankie and chicken curry too are a hit with foodies, so give that a go for sure.

Chembur Khau Galli

Famous for its Punjabi and Sindhi dishes, Chembur’s Khau Galli has the best of kulchas, dal pakwans, ragda pattice and dal tadka. Also look out for the sweet shops; their sev barfis, milk cakes and gulab jamuns are extremely popular with foodies. At some of these shops, you’ll also find great varieties of dosas as well as Gujarati snacks.

So which of the above Khau Galli is your favourite? Do comment below.

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By - Melwyn Fernandes

Author: By – Melwyn Fernandes

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