10 things Foreigners will never get about Indians!!!

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India is a pretty strange country. That is true. It takes some time for people from the outside to adjust to they way of life in India. Even after that adjustment there are a few things that foreigners just do not get about India.

Here we go!!

  • Random Animals just chilling in the street.

How many of you have had your commute interrupted just because there is a cow hanging out in the middle of the road. Almost every day I have to slow down and go around a cow just to get to work. Foreigners just are not used to that and probably never will be.

This is a regular occurrence in India!! Source: Vishualization
  • So many vegetarian only restaurants in every city!

There are so many god damn places that offer only veg options. As a big time non-veg eater I do not appreciate realizing that there is no tandoori chicken(ahem food coma alert!!) in the menu after sitting down. People from other countries often eat meat twice or three times a day.

White people and Indian food are not a match made in heaven lol!! Source: Me.me
  • Indian ingenuity!!

Indians always find a way to fix basically any object for cheaper than anyone else would have to pay. I am talking a plastic chair instead our your car seat.

Height of Indian Jugaad!! Source: Pinterest
  • The goddamn honking all the god damn fucking time!!!!

Honking is the third national language of India after Hindi and English. And best of all this is a language that every can speak, North to the South. Sometimes it feels like its a call and response type of thing. One person honks and a split second later another car honk is heard for absolutely no reason.

Basically a regular commute in India. Source: Gifon007.eu
  • The abundance of languages and the multitude of people speaking them!

In India, it is normal for a regular person to be able to speak at least three languages and understand five more. Most foreigners speak two maximum. I am talking either English and one more European, or one European as their mother tongue and basic English.

Basic conversation for a foreigner! Source: Giphy
  • Everything is available to bargain.

Once you walk into a store, everything you see can be bargained down from its listed price. From the door itself to a piece of lint you find on the ground has a price than can go down. Though I do not know how much that lint is worth!

Basically equivalent to walking into an Indian shop!! Source: Imgur
  • The, we can fit one more person in mentality.

In India there is always room for one more person. Be it in a rickshaw that already has 8 people, or a local train carriage that has people holding on the the bar outside.

This picture actually is of non-rush hour traffic!! What would Jackie Chan do lol! Source: Inspired Traveller
  • The god damn head nod.

This one pisses me off the most. Is it a bird, is it a plane, not its a god damn head nod. What does it mean? Does anyone know? Does it matter if everyone knows? Its gonna happen either way man.

These goddamn head nods!! Source: This is Barry
  • Living with your parents even after turning 18.

Most foreign 18 year old kids cannot wait to leave their parent’s house as soon as they possibly can. But here in India kids are happy just living here even after they get married.

If you grew up Indian, you grew up with uncles and aunts and cousins all living under one roof! Source: The Fractions
  • The long ass weddings!

Most weddings abroad last a few hours max, but here in India it is a multiple day process. It just ridiculous.

Just about every Indian wedding ever lasts days!! Source: The Big Fat Indian Wedding


By - Aditya Joglekar

Author: By – Aditya Joglekar

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