5 Sexual Conditions That Can Ruin Your Life


If you thought erectile dysfunction and painful intercourse were the worst conditions to affect one’s sex life, you might want to reconsider! Let’s start with the good news: sex is fantastic but for people suffering from obscure sexual disorders, sex isn’t great, actually sex is nearly unbearable. Here are five sexual conditions that can ruin your life.


For those who think peeing in the linen closet instead of the bathroom is the worst kind of sleepwalking you can endure, you’re wrong. A newly recognized sexsomania is exactly what it sounds like: a condition in which a person performs sexual acts while being completely asleep. If the person being sleep-sexed is into it, this is actually kind of awesome. But you know what’s not awesome? Sexual cases.


The problem with priapism is that nothing can bring your little soldier down from attention. Even when you’re hard all the time it’s the result of blood pumping into the wang but not out. This can lead to blood clots, gangrene and ruin your future to ever having an erection again. Oh, the pain. Severe pain.


It is more of a mental condition that is characterized by sexual fetishes. A person with this condition seeks sexual arousal and gratification by fantasizing and engaging in sexual behavior involving non-human kinds of paraphilia include pedophilia, exbhitionism, frotteurism etc.

Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome:

People with this disorder are in a state of constantly being turned on. When we say you’re turned on all the time, we mean at the point that at a drop of a hat you have an orgasm. The phone rings? Orgasm. Caught your parents having sex? Goddammit, ogasm.


Hypersexuality which is commonly known as nymphomania, is classified as a mental disorder, where a person has an excessively overactive sex drive. People with hypersexuality often engage in risky sexual behaviours, like sex with prostitutes and unprotected sex with numerous strangers, which can put them at the risk for sexually transmitted infections.

By - Elka Pereira

Author: By – Elka Pereira

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