4 Men Try To Cross A Vehicle Only Zolotoy Bridge Dressed Up As A Bus And Failed Hilariously


In a hilarious incident, four men dressed up as a bus in order to cross a vehicle-only bridge in Russia. A video posted on YouTube shows four pairs of legs sticking out of a cardboard yellow bus on Zolotoy Bridge in the city of Vladivostok.

According to the Moscow Times, the bridge, also known as the Golden Bridge, has been closed for pedestrian traffic since 2015 – which seemed to be but a small obstacle for these four resourceful men.

Zolotoy Bridge

However, though hilarious, their disguise was definitely not fool-proof. They were soon stopped by a guard on the bridge and escorted off.

The comical video of their misadventure, however, has gone massively viral on social media – it has been re-shared hundreds of times, collected millions of views and reactions to it have even been curated into their own Twitter Moment.

People were quick to react to this hilarious video. Check out their tweets below:

According to local reports, the Ministry of Transport of Russia, which is engaged in the protection of the Golden Bridge, declined to comment on the incident.

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By - Melwyn Fernandes

Author: By – Melwyn Fernandes

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