15 Cheaters That Got What They Deserved


When people are together in a relationship, they are expected to be loyal to their partners. But this doesn’t happen in all the cases. People get disloyal, cheat on their partners, leave them heartbroken and what not. And when caught, these cheaters try everything to defend what they have done. So listen up, cheaters. If you’re gonna go ahead and cheat, just know that there are people in the world that are gonna make you pay. And they’re gonna make you pay big.

1.Cheaters, beware, you never know how costly the revenge is going to be.

2.That’s one awesome way to expose cheaters. Revenge served perfectly. Also, did the person it belonged to get it?

3.Dear (soon-to-be ex) neighbors:

4.Sounds like Steven one goofed up big time!

5.Can anyone give this person a medal for doing this?

6.Was the husband thrown the similar way? I mean, he deserved it, right?

 7.You should have damaged more than his PlayStation, to be honest. 

8.Somebody gonna get hurt REAL bad!


10.Now they’ll never validate your parking.

11.Cheater got served in a way he will never forget

12.Not the greatest looking paint job in the world


14.She seems much better off

15.Thanks bro!


By - Elka Pereira

Author: By – Elka Pereira

“ I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.” This is something Elka strongly believes in. She sees fashion as an expression of themselves as a pallet which mixes the different colors of human emotions, the simplicity, the complexity & the various fabrics of culture weaving them all together, like a brush on a canvas which is their own body. She invites you to come read about them.