10 Web Series to Check Out This Weekend For FREEEEEE!!!!

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This is a golden age for Web Series in India. There is almost a new one announced every day. So I decided to pick through the list and give you guys ten of the best web series out there.

So many choices that it is almost overwhelming!! Source: Gfycat

Again, sticking to my theme I have only looked at series that are free or at the most have a registration requirement. So to watch any of the shows on this list, you will not have to reach into your wallet.

Of course since these are ‘free’, they will have heavy advertising in them, so you will have to look past that to enjoy them

Here we go then,

  • Baked
A great show to watch! Source: ScoopWhoop

This series follows three roommates in Delhi who in a drunken stupor decide to create a late night food making and delivering service. This show is produced by ScoopWhoop. It is a good watch and the best part is that it already has two seasons. So this is a multiple hour binge.

  • Little Things
This show really captures the little things in a relationship, pun intended!! Source: Gfycat

This series, produced by Dice Media is about the little things in a modern Indian relationship. It is not about the big moments. It has one season so far, but they are filming a second one that is expected to be out soon. This series is free, but it is a bit heavy on the advertising. Straight up blatant advertising.

  • Bose Dead/Alive
A great performance by Rajkummar Rao. Source: InUth

This is the story about Subhash Chandra Bose and the mystery behind his supposed death. Rajkummar Rao as Subhash Chandra Bose has been acclaimed by critics all around. This one needs registration onto ALT Balaji.

  • What the Folks
One of the funniest web series out on Youtube! Source: What to Watch

This series takes the whole thing where the married woman feels awkward about living with her in-laws, and it flips the script on it. This time it is the married man who comes to Mumbai for a short time for work and has to live with his in-laws while his wife is in Delhi. Again, and this seems to be a theme for the production house Dice Media, it is a bit heavy on the advertising. Very blatant advertising is again present.

  • Aam Aadmi Family
Dice Media is heavy on advertising, but they have good content! Source: Youtube

This is another Dice Media production. But it is different than the others in this list. The other one are primed for young adults and teens but this one is also geared to a family style viewing. It is a nice change of pace because almost all series nowadays have drugs and alcohol but this one does not.

  • Bachelors
Their movie parodies are spot on and perfect! Source: TomatoHeart

This a show produced by The Viral Fever. This one again is a bit different. In their two seasons so far, every episode is a movie or pop culture parody. So any movie from Lagaan to Munna Bhai. That is juxtaposed against the life that the bachelors live. It is put into their perspective. It is a nice watch and is free to watch on youtube.

  • Pitchers
This shows gives us insight into the Mumbai start up game! Source: Neuron

This show is about a middle class worker and his two friends who quit their jobs and decide to become entrepeneurs. It has love, comedy and enough drama to keep things interesting. The catch here, and its a good one, is that only the first three episodes are available to watch on Youtube. To watch the final two episodes you have to register onto the TVF website. Those sons of bitches are good with that shit man.

  • Tripling
This show perfectly shows the relationship between siblings! Source: Beats and Beyond

This is another TVF series. This one is about three siblings being forced to go on a road trip together. Out of the three, one is a failing DJ, the other is a recently fired and divorced guy who lives outside of India, and the finally, the sister who is married to a Prince of Rajasthan and pretending to be pregnant. It is an interesting watch because it has the funny man, the DJ and then two straight characters for him to play off. This one does require a registration onto the TVF website to see the show.

  • Man’s World
This show is great and shows everyone a different perspective on life! Source: Youtube

This one is produced by YFilms. It is about a guy who thinks that the world is unfair to guys and treats girls in a better way than them. So one day he wishes that life flipped the script and made it so that women acted like men and vice versa. It follows that story. It is a good watch and best of all all episodes are avalible on Youtube.

  • Inmates
Funniest show around!! Source: Gfycat

This another TVF series. It is based on a friend of 5 people who live together or near each other. It follows the story of a fiance who ends up cheating on her husband with another woman. A man trying to find his drug lord dad with the help of his cousin who is the same woman from earlier. The final two characters are looking for success in love and in their careers. It is a good watch, but can be slow to move along with the story.

There you have it. This is a definitive list of the ten best Web Series avaliable in India right now!! Now what are you waiting? Unleash your inner beast and watch all of them over the weekend yar!!

By - Aditya Joglekar

Author: By – Aditya Joglekar

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